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Heart Centered Marketing™ is a global marketing agency designed to help high tech companies create more heart centered marketing and show customers they care.

Our Motto

"To be successful you have to have heart in your business and your business in your heart."

Our Story

Vicki created Heart Centered Marketing to help high tech companies appeal to customers' heads and hearts.

About Vicki


Vicki Morris, Founder, CEO & CMO Heart Centered Marketing

Vicki Morris

Founder, CEO & CMO

Vicki Morris spent over 25 years as a high tech marketing leader. Vicki has led marketing groups at both Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000 high tech companies (Oracle, Sun, PeopleSoft, Saba, NorthStar, Abiquo, and Hatsize).

Vicki’s core strengths are: strategy (marketing, company and products), visual and emotional branding, magnetic messaging, M&A, market analysis, clear and compelling communications, launches and energizing marketing.

As a high tech marketing executive, Vicki has been at the leading edge of online marketing best practices her entire career. Vicki blends her experiences as a high tech marketing expert and heart centered spiritual practitioner. Vicki has been in the trenches and can help your company create more heart centered marketing.

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