What is Heart Centered Marketing?

Heart Centered Marketing is a more balanced and holistic approach to marketing that appeals to customers’ heads and hearts. Companies that use Heart Centered Marketing show their customers they care.

Heart Centered Marketing™ is a global marketing agency designed to help high tech companies create more heart centered marketing and show customers they care.

How is Heart Centered Marketing Different than Traditional Marketing?

Heart Centered Marketing is the art of inviting and delivering customer value. Heart Centered Marketing appeals to customers' heads and hearts.

Traditional Marketing is the business of promoting and pushing products or services. Traditional Marketing typically appeals to customers' heads only.

Since 50% of customers make decisions based on feelings versus thinking, companies that use traditional marketing can be missing a lot of opportunities.

Why does Heart Centered Marketing Matter?

Heart Centered Marketing matters now more than ever. Millenials demand authenticity. And the most successful high tech brands need to show customers they care to stand apart in this Digital Age.

Why Focus on High Tech Companies?

Vicki Morris, founder of Heart Centered Marketing, spent over 25 years as a high tech marketing leader. Vicki saw the need for heart centered marketing in high tech and wants to focus on helping high tech companies show customers they care.

What are the Benefits of Heart Centered Marketing?

  1. Engaged marketing team with a service mindset
  2. Deep understanding and validation of customer needs
  3. Creation and protection of authentic and compelling brand
  4. Ability to reach and attract ideal customers
  5. Personalized and automated marketing systems that convert prospects into buyers
  6. Ability to consistently deliver value, wow customers and build long-term relationships

What Marketing Services Do You Offer?

Vicki Morris offers heart centered marketing consultations, marketing reviews, marketing strategies and launches. Vicki is also currently available for Acting CMO and Board Member roles. Schedule a one-hour consultation to discuss your needs.

How is Heart Centered Marketing showing it cares?

Heart Centered Marketing is a caring and conscious business. We are committed to making a difference in the world. Not only do we help companies create heart centered marketing, but we pledge 10% of all profits to charities such as oceana.org, 4ocean.com, plasticoceans.org  and theoceancleanup.com to remove plastic from our oceans and return balance to our planet.