What is Marketing Anyway?

WhAT is Marketing, Anyway?

Marketing is Helping Others

I love this quote  from Seth Godin’s new book, This is Marketing:

“Marketing is the generous act of helping others become who they were seek to become.”

This feels true for business-to-consumer marketing. But, is it true for business-to-business marketing like  we do in high tech?

What do you think?


Here’s my take:

I think the focus   of B2B and high tech marketing should be   helping others.

In fact, I believe it’s the  IDEAL, heart-centered way to view marketing.

When marketing helps customers address their   real   needs including their   inner   (e.g., emotional and psychological  reasons they want a technology solution) as well as their outer needs   (e.g., to solve a specific  business problem using technology), marketing shows customers they care.

When marketing helps customers,  it builds trust and  long-term relationships.

IMHO, why would you want to do marketing any other  way even for B2B or high tech marketing?


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